Alimpro Films

Alimpro Films is a recently established distributor backed by the production company, Aliwood, which has produced such interesting films as Five Square Meters (5 metros cuadrados) and A Chinese Takea-Away (Un cuento chino).


Five Square Meters was the big winner at the Malaga Film Festival (2011), taking away 5 of the main awards. A Chinese Take-Away is also no stranger to awards, walking away as it did with the Goya for the best Latin American film in 2012.


ALIMPRO FILMS mainly distributes audiovisual works in a variety of different formats, both in cinema well as on-demand video ones.

The company has been set up with a vocation to distribute both national, as well as international, top quality independent films and seeks to stimulate and attract the general audience to cinemas.

At present Alimpro Films can boast of comedy films like High School, The Lords (Los Seigneurs) and My Awkward Sexual Adventures among its catalogue, as well as the horror-thriller The Collection; a list to which the films acquired at the different international markets by its agents will be added in the future.

Co-production is another facet of Aliwood as a production company, as attested to by its participation in the 3D animated film, Justin and the Knights of Valour, to be released this year.

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